How to: Play PS3 Online WITHOUT PlayStation Network.

Sony's unwillingness to keep due on their statements in regards to bringing the PSN back up for the second week in a row now has left gamers to say it lightly, PISSED OFF. Sparing you the politics of this matter let’s cut to the chase, if you still want to play Online with your friends or small groups of gamers you can do so by using this alternate method. (Video of Gameplay and Setup at bottom of page) It's required you try this Method first as it's more detailed.

It's called Kai, an ancient form of Magic? No. A program that allows you to play your favorite game online? Yes.

Let me say before this that Wireless WILL NOT WORK. It's extremely laggy, you will need to use an Ethernet Cable for this Method to work properly. P.S if your Anti-Virus gives off something Ignore, it's just Kai giving off False Positives. You must also make sure your Firewall is NOT blocking the Xlink Kai program. You will need to use the version provided above as the new version won't work for this guide. You will need your Internet Connection to go to your Modem, your Modem Wired to your Router, from there you need to be wired to the PC running Kai and wired to the PS3.

First Step:
First you will need to Download the Kai Program.

 I forgot to Mention you also need to go to the Kai Website and Register 
an account first. It's Free. 

Second Step:
Next you will need to run the Setup, its quick and easy. Maybe Sony should take notes.

Third Step:
After you have ran the Setup you will need to perform a few tasks. Click on the Start Menu and go to the folder XLink Kai, Open it. You should see a list of 3 different choices. Right Click ANY one of them. Go to Properties> Compatibility> Change to Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) then go down 
to Run this program as Administrator, Check Mark the Box and Click OK.

Fourth Step:
You will need to go back to the Start Menu> XLink Kai> Configure Kai. A Box will appear. Make sure the Network Adapter is set to, AutoDetect and Unlock, Uncheck the Box on the left that says Auto Open Chat then Click Ok. This was just to make sure the Default Settings loaded properly.

Fifth Step:
Next you will need to go into your Router Control Panel by entering into the Address Bar of which ever Internet Browser you use, for me it's Google Chrome. Now I'm not sure what services you have but you will need to find the Port Forwarding Page or Tab, for Linksys Cisco Systems Users it's under Applications & Gaming> Port Range Forwarding. Now below choose the next available slot, it should be blank 0 to 0. Type in 30000 to 34500 make sure the Protocol Tab is set to BOTH, go over to the I.P Address and make sure that you enter the I.P Address to the Computer running KAI (YOUR I.P ADDRESS) To find out your I.P Address go back to your Desktop> Start> Type Run into the Search Box and hit Enter> Once the Box comes up Type in CMD and hit OK. When Command Prompt comes up type in ipconfig/all then hit Enter. A list of I.P Addresses will come up; you want the one that says IPv4 Address. Write down or Copy it as this is the I.P Address you'll need to enter under the I.P Address Tab on the Port Forwarding page. After you've entered your I.P Address save the Settings and exit out of your Browser. 

Find out your Router Details here if needed. 

Sixth Step:
Open up the XLink Kai program, under the 3 tabs we used earlier from the Start Menu. It should connect, might take up to a Minute. There is a Ring in the Upper Left Hand corner of Kai, when the Ring Motion slows down and it says XLink Kai is Online you're good to go.

Final Step: 
Turn On Your PS3! After you've turned it on Click the Planet Emblem at the Top of Kai (Upper Left Hand Corner) then go to PS3 and find the Game you want. For Call of Duty: Black Ops it's under First Person Shooter> Call of Duty Black Ops. On the Right of Kai you'll see a list of all the people playing on Kai, on the Left are the Private Rooms you can join into to Play. To make sure you're Connected and ready, go back up to where the Earth Icon is and Click the little Magnifying Glass Icon. A Drop down List will open, if Kai was setup right and you followed everything here then the following should be as described. Network Reachable should say Yes, Version should read Going back up to the top Click the little Folder below the Earth and Magnifying Glass, it's on the Right below the Icons. Your PS3's MAC Address should show up in Blue, not Red; this may take a few moments to display. Once displayed you should be ready to play. Go back up to the Earth Icon to find Servers. When you're at the Black Ops Multiplayer Screen on your PS3 don't go into the Playstation Network to Connect, go below into Lan Party under Local then to find a Match. Try and stay under 10 people or it will Lag. There is a Chat Room also in Kai if you need any help with anything just ask someone and they will usually guide you.

Here is a video of the Gameplay and Setup of Kai from a User on YouTube if you're having trouble reading and doing this as it can be a bit difficult for people.

That's it! It’s not a permanent alternative to using the PSN all the time but this will just get you by until the PSN is back up and running. Enjoy!

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  1. David said...:

    how do i play online without the network are you sure this will work

  1. David said...:

    how do i play online without the network are you sure this will work even from my blacberry.

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